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AMT3000 Specifications

Frequency Coverage:

530 kHz - 1700 kHz in 10 kHz steps or 522 kHz - 1710 kHz in 9 kHz steps, depending on order option

Frequency Selection Method:

8-position DIP switch

Frequency Tolerance @ 25C:


Modulation Type:

Amplitude Modulation (AM)

Maximum Modulation Level:


Power Input to Final RF Stage:

100 mW


118 wire (supplied with kit)

Antenna Matching:

Tunable pi-network. Matches high impedance antenna to low-impedance RF output stage.

Output Tuning:

4-position DIP switch selects inductance combination, adjustable ceramic trimmer capacitor peaks resonance.

RF Output Metering:

Test points on circuit board provide DC voltage to user-supplied 10 megohm/volt voltmeter. Measured voltage is maximum at resonance.

RF Grounding Options:

Jumper plug options for including/excluding RF isolation inductors in power supply and audio source ground paths.

Audio Response:

20 Hz to 20 kHz 1 dB

Audio Treble Boost:

+8 dB, boost midpoint at 2 kHz. Jumper plug option.

Audio Distortion:

Less than 0.5% THD through audio stages.

Minimum Audio Input Level:

200 mV RMS for 100% modulation (input gain control at max).

Audio Compression:

Compression ratio adjustable from 1:1 to 5:1. Attack time less than 1 ms. Medium release time suitable for both voice and music.

Audio Limiting:

Adjustable threshold. 15:1 compression above threshold.

Front Panel Controls:

Audio input gain, modulation level, compression ratio.

Rear Panel Jacks:

2 RCA audio in jacks, RCA antenna/ground jack, 2.1 mm power input jack.

Power Consumption:

120 VAC, 2 watts

Circuit Board:

5W x 3.9D x .062H FR4, two layers, 1 oz. copper, top and bottom solder masks, top silkscreen.


6.1W x 4.2D x 1.5H ABS plastic. Drilled and labeled front and rear panels.


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