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  • Legal to use in the US, no FCC license required
  • Fully compliant with FCC Part 15 regulations
  • 100 mW input power
  • 100% Modulation
  • 20Hz to 20kHz ±1 dB Audio Response
  • Very Low Distortion
  • Adjustable Audio Compressor/Limiter
  • 10 kHz and 9 kHz channel spacing options
  • High Quality PC Board and Components
  • Comprehensive Instruction Manual





Broadcast Your Favorite Songs and Shows

  • Transmit audio from any source with a headphone or line out jack to any AM radio or AM tuner.
  • Not happy with the programming on the AM band?  Play what you want to hear, when you want to hear it -- CDs, MP3 audio, Internet Radio, Satellite Radio, Cable Radio, FM tuner, Microphone -- any audio source.
  • Digital AM radio is coming. Your AM radios may become obsolete.  The AMT3000 enables you to re-transmit from a digital tuner to your favorite old radios.
  • Have an old radio or an antique radio collection?  Play old-time radio programs from cassette, CD, satellite radio or internet radio and re-create the ambiance of the golden age of radio.
  • Have an old Hi-Fi AM tuner?  Experience its full capabilities with a wide-band signal source.
  • Use as a classroom demonstrator and teaching aid for electronics instruction in audio, RF, digital, PLL, and amplitude modulation concepts


About Transmitting Range and Antennas

Expect about 50 to 200 feet range, depending on local conditions, with the standard wire antenna. The signal will be very strong everywhere within your home.


If you want to maximize your range, check out our instructions for building a Part 15 compliant outdoor base-loaded vertical antenna. Expect 1/2 to 3/4 mile strong-signal range as received on car radio.




Thanks to a great contribution from one of our very inventive customers, here is a PDF file showing how to modify the antenna with a sleeker in-line coil.




Constructing the base-loaded antenna is made a lot easier thanks to Carl Van Orden. He sells the complete tapped coil, wound on a section of 3” white PVC pipe as shown in the plans. This is the most difficult part of the antenna to fabricate. Carl also sells ground radial systems. For more information and prices, click on the following link to see Carl’s page.







  • Professional quality audio compression and limiting maintains 100% modulation regardless of audio input level.  Adjustable 1:1 db to 5:1 db compression ratio.  Audio levels above the adjustable limit level are compressed at 15:1 db ratio.
  • Audio frequency response of modulated RF carrier is 20Hz to 20kHz ±1 dB.
  • Jumper selectable flat or treble-boost audio curves. Treble boost pre-emphasis will compensate for the typically poor high frequency audio response of most AM radios.
  • Crystal controlled frequency synthesizer covers entire AM broadcast band in 9 kHZ or 10 kHz steps, depending on order option.
  • 100 milliwatt final input power, the maximum allowed by FCC Part 15 for legal, license-free operation
  • Unique modulator and RF output stages yield high quality modulation right up to 100%.
  • Tunable antenna matching circuit matches output to short antennas without the need for additional loading coils.
  • Two audio input jacks are mixed to convert a stereo source to mono or to mix two separate mono sources.
  • Two voltage regulators and an on-board, RF-bypassed, bridge rectifier assure clean, hum-free power.  The matching AC adapter wall transformer is included.
  • Very low AC power consumption for worry-free continuous operation.
  • Highest quality double-sided printed circuit board has top and bottom solder masks and a top silk screen legend to clearly identify component locations.
  • Designed for ease of assembly.  All components mount on the printed circuit board.  No time consuming discrete wiring required.
  • High-strength plastic enclosure.  Front and rear panels are pre-drilled and screen printed.
  • The instruction manual guides you, step-by-step, through the assembly process to reduce the chance of errors during kit assembly.
  • Kit is educational and fun to build.




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